10 minutes | Feb 14, 2021

Ideas to Use the Heart 3D Model in Your Course

In honor of Valentine's Day, Jim Connely (interim host) talks about Dr. Michael Koot's (McGraw Hill) article about how to integrate the new Heart rotatable 3D model, including the top five views! 3D models in Anatomy & Physiology Revealed (APR) provide students students with a great perspective and allows them to see the spatial relationship between structures they can't see in a flat image.  How might you use the Heart 3D model in your course?Create an assignment using the Anatomy & Physiology Revealed Connect Assignment type. Any APR Connect Assignment can include an activity that uses one of the available 3D models.Learn more about the APR Connect Assignment here: https://vimeo.com/492582902Use the “Create link” feature to bookmark an interesting view you have created with the 3D model. You can then share this link with your students or use it to quickly access this specific view of the 3D model during lecture or lab for demonstration purposes.Create an Active Learning Activity. A scavenger hunt makes APR even more engaging and fun. Give your students a specific task with the 3D model and ask them to copy their link and send it to you when they have completed the task. For example, you might tell them to find a view in the heart 3D model that will allow them to observe the septomarginal trabecula piercing the anterior papillary muscle.
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