38 minutes | Mar 1st 2020

John Chambers: Changes, macro and micro, that create value for all of us – SD91

By his own admission, John Chambers likes action. In the times I have chatted with him and seen him speak, his energy and desire to create positive change emanates out of him. And positive change is what he is enabling through his life’s many aspects: start-ups; helping corporates innovate in a way that suits them best (ie not trying to be like a startup); working with people to help them grow; seeking ways to grow awareness and connection with Aboriginal Australians.

After getting to know John a bit more, it becomes apparent that behind this desire for action and change is a willingness to listen, reflect, and humbly grow. It was excellent to talk with John and to hear the ways in which he has been challenged and had to change through the ventures and adventures he has untaken.

Currently, John is one of the Managing Partners at IE, an organisation that helps other organisations innovate and bring their ideas to market. He also hosts a podcast of his own, The Corporate Innovator, in which he talks with visionary corporate leaders, makers and advisors from around the globe.

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