47 minutes | Dec 15th 2019

Ian Banyard: Getting lost in nature to find our true nature – SD90

Nature can provide inspiration to many of us, but it’s been particularly significant to Naturepreneur, Ian Banyard, who been discovering how reconnecting with the natural world is key to saving both ourselves and our planet.

In our first Subtle Disruptor interview outside of Australia, Richard Holmes talks to Ian Banyard from the UK about his personal journey into natural mindfulness, and the role nature plays in helping us all feel healthier, happier and more peaceful.

As we experience living in an ever-changing, fast-paced, busy world, Ian encourages us to find an opportunity to get outside, pause, breathe and unburden our busy minds through appreciating the natural world around us. He helps us reflect on how trees have grown from seed using the abundance of resources around them, and encourages us, as human beings to reflect on what we have near us that can help us to thrive. Richard and Ian also discuss how more people are taking inspiration from nature to inform how they develop themselves and their organisations as they move towards evolutionary thinking, leaving the mechanical world behind.

You can find out more about Ian at www.cotswoldnaturalmindfulness.co.uk

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