8 minutes | May 4th 2020

You Should Dress Up During COVID-19

Are you dressing up during COVID-19? Well you should and this is why! Sadly we’ve heard numerous amounts of stories of relationships ending, divorce has been filed, and spouses or partners that simply can’t get along with each other because they’re staying in the house for countless  amounts of hour. Unfortunately a lot of this can be solved simply by paying more attention to ourselves and making the best of every single moment. In this short session we talk about quick ways on how you can use style and fashion to enhance your relationship and by doing these simple tricks every other day. Have a listen to this short session and it’s sure to enhance your style and your relationship quickly. Thanks for listening and your support. For more information please visit us online at MichaelFerrera.com on social media @michaelferrera and on YouTube by searching Style Your Life with Michael Ferrera. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/michael-ferrera/message
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