54 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

The Most Hated Number in Dancehall...#2

In this episode I’m joined by the dynamic duo of the Stush an’ Bush podcast, Khadieme and Robert, as we explore the complicated relationship between Dancehall and the LGBTQ+ Community. This isn’t an episode attacking the genre or they lyrics, it rather and exploration and thought starter on how the music, specifically the reference to #2 being associated with gay male activities has helped maintain social and religious ideologies around being a gay man. We use the lyrics to explore ideas of queerness in Dancehall, our complex experience in hearing homophobic lyrics and liking the music anyway, male queerness and female misogyny and shifts around the work being done culturally.Check out Stush an' Bush Podcast | Instagram Hosts Instagram: Robert | KhadiemeStay connected to Style & VibesKeep up here:  Website |  NewsletterLet’s talk here:  Twitter |  Instagram |  FacebookExecutive Produced by Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown of  Breadfruit MediaSupport the show (https://glow.fm/thestylevibesandpodcast/)
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