36 minutes | Jan 25, 2021

Entertainment & Domestic Violence

Domestic violence as it relates to entertainment is nothing new. It exists in entertainment, because it exists in real life. The public gets a bird's-eye view Of the situations and are left to discuss and decide how they feel about the parties involved. Why are we talking about this now might you ask? It was definitely inspired by the allegations of physical, sexual and verbal abuse brought against Majah Hype, a famous Caribbean-American comedian and entertainer, by his now ex-fiance which she shared in a LIVE video on social media in December. We have seen some of our favorite entertainers get caught in domestic violence allegations and convictions. But are you wrong for still enjoying the art of your favorite entertainers once you’ve heard these stories?In this episode I am speaking with Uzuri Holder, a clinical social worker, to discuss really what happens in domestic violence situations from her professional expertise and what happens in real life and celebrity cases.  Listener SurveyS&V Werk, Work, Wuk TeeSupport the show (https://glow.fm/thestylevibesandpodcast/)
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