41 minutes | Feb 22, 2021

Chino McGregor's Journey Through The Process

Chino McGregor has a level of consistency in the Reggae and Dancehall space that for some, may go under the radar. Recently releasing a new project, The Process in three parts, Gimmicks Over Lyrics, Gyal Factory and Riddim Ryda Style, respectively; I sat down with Chino and we discussed his journey in music that brought him to The Process; leveraging his access at an early age through his father, Freddie McGregor, developing his skills as a producer, song writer and honing his signature balance DJing (Dancehall style rapping), and melodic harmonies our producer Kerry coined as “Toast & Flow.” Chino draws from his musical inspirations Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, R&B and more to create a sound that leaves you wanting more. The Process is a reflection of where he is today, but it’s his journey to getting to The Process is what you haven’t heard that will intrigue you the most. U-Roy Essentials Apple Playlist S&V Werk, Work, Wuk TeeExecutive Produced by Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown of  Breadfruit MediaSupport the show (https://glow.fm/thestylevibesandpodcast/)
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