19 minutes | Dec 16th 2016

SC 42 End of Stumptown Christian, Beginning of …

How lucky am I to have been given the opportunity to host a radio talk show? One of the greatest experiences of my life, I was proud to take my listeners with me via podcast when I left the noontime airwaves last year. Stumptown Christian was my follow up to Rose City Forum. But now, the show with a Portland, OR focus is turning into so much more. While the name of the podcast changes, the promise to introduce you to inspirational, motivational, celebrational, muppet-ational,  guests remains the same. In January, I’ll come back to you with a bigger focus on “Faith”; whether that faith is religious, spiritual, internal, or all of the above. Instead of a focus solely on Portland, I’ll expand the show’s boundaries to find people serving all over the country. Thank you for your support and care in the past and I pray, the future. The community I’ve met through interviews has enriched my life. I hope yours has benefited as well. Merry Christmas to all and more than ever, I pray: Peace on Earth.
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