1 minutes | Jul 20, 2021

Stumbling Toward Genius Trailer

We have more resources than ever to bring our creative ideas to life. Yet we still get stuck and often abandon our dreams for our books, art, or businesses. Maybe it’s not because you are incompetent or not talented enough. What if the creative process just inherently has hurdles that we all have to overcome? What if those obstacles are gifts for you instead of signs to quit? Welcome to Stumbling Toward Genius. I’m your host Cynthia Morris. I’m a coach, speaker, author and artist. The things I have made have all helped me grow to be the person I’m here to be. In Stumbling Toward Genius, you’ll hear my conversations with creatives about what helped them make things that matter. They’ll share their stumbles and how they learned to keep the light shining on their creative dreams. Welcome to the ranks of people who are not letting the daunting work of making things stifle their genius. Tune in wherever you listen to podcasts.
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