46 minutes | Jun 6, 2017

SPP#62 : 'I sold my sports car to fund my business venture' - Francis Ignatius

Meet this week's awesome Studentpreneur guest: Francis Ignatius, 30, recent postgraduate from Adelaide University and founder of Entrepreneur Story. Francis' entrepreneurial journey started with import/export while an undergraduate at Edith Cowan University. He had been working since the age of 13 but this didn't help escape one of his biggest lessons in life when he became broke after that first business. Now his mission is to help university graduates to stay in South Australia instead of going to Sydney or Melbourne. Quotes: I sold my sports car to fund my business venture I had no money, no capital, nothing but I wanted to build a business to eat meat again, not just instant noodle I started asking 50 people on a car forum what they wanted to do to their car... it's very easy to do Action = Reaction and Reaction= Opportunity Most people are too afraid to take the action because they are scared of failure  I don't identify as an entrepreneur... I had no choice but hustle 45% of University graduate in South Australia can't find a job I spent less time in socialising, this is my sacrifice to build my business  10 tries and then you will be successful! My parents hated the fact that I was doing my business and my best friend was telling me to give... I was stubborn and that's how I made it U2U: If you are attending University just to get a piece of paper, I think you are wasting your time. If you are there to develop yourself, then it is worth is. Links: Website: www.entrepreneurstory.com.au Facebook: www.facebook.com/storyentrepreneur/ If you have what it takes you can apply to share your story on air.   
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