48 minutes | Feb 22, 2017

SPP#58 Most startups fail because they focus on the least value-add activities - Rob Slee

Meet Rob Slee: serial seasoned entrepreneur investor and author. Key points: Lots of opportunities to disrupt industries 'I am 10 iterations of failure in everything I do.' I felt I wasn't learning school because... Build a skill set, once a year Need a positive relationship with failure - Most business books are written for big corporate life I am a niche aholic, "niche conglomerate" ask people what they buy The only thing in common  among entrepreneur is time Only focus on the activities that adds value most startup fails because they focus on the least value-add activities. We are told what to work on whereas we should identify the high value. After you have the skillset it's not about how much time you work on. Talk to people: what would you need in your business. Ask for help. You will be killed in your blind post U2U: work in small businesses, that's good, not just business plan comp. Learn how to communicate Own your time. Just knowing that activities have value change the behaviour. half the planet owns their own Links: email: rob@timeisreallymoney.com Website: Timereallyismoney.com If you have what it takes you can apply to share your story on air. CLICK HERE
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