47 minutes | Jan 26, 2016

SPP#46 Brent Comstock - Being a great CEO and great student doesn't exist. You have to compromise.

Meet this week's awesome studentpreneur: Brent Comstock, 20 y.o.,  undergraduate student in Business Administration at University of North Carolina and  founder of Bcomm Solution LLC in Nebraska, USA. Brent grew up in a small town in Nebraska. In High School Brent decided to focus on rural communities and developed digital branding for rural grassroots businesses. The business was changed from an  IT to a digital business. It was always technology focused but he pivoted a few times. He now has over 500 clients. Quotes: ·       Educating people is 10 times better than selling ·        If you have any doubt now then it is not the right time for you, go and educate yourself or change it with mentoring and coaching ·       There are very few people in the world that 100% comfortably jumped, they have been groomed ·       Reach out to people in the industry at startup weekends and startup events ·       The startup world is just as much a community as it is your own individual idea. Keep reaching out. ·       Being a great CEO and great student doesn't exist. You have to compromise. I was an exceptional student in high school and an ok CEO. ·       Immerse yourself in a hard skill. Don't get a degree in business unless it's of interest to you ·       Leverage university: they are a hotbed for innovation and creativity ·       Be with other people like-minded people, ·       College is an opportunity to fail: you have 4 summers to try and fail without having to put it on your resume. ·       Mentors are the most important people to help you but you need to have a 2-way conversation.  Just ask them to be your mentors. If they don't want to be then ask them who they think would be good for me. Need more than one mentor. ·       Go do something, stop thinking, do! Make a list of things that you will do in the next days to build a momentum The world of business doesn't happen that fast. Skills developed: ·       Saying ABC- there are right and wrong clients ·       Deciding to be all in/making sacrifices ·       Being brutally honest Books, Podcasts, and Blogs: ·       Blog:  One count 2 stop lights: http://brentcomstock.me/ U2U (Uni to support you): ·       Spending more time doing the trial and error thing than the textbook thing. Classroom not in classroom, teacher should be a guide. Links: email:brent@bcomonline.com Twitter:   @brentcomstock Website: BComOnline.com Facebook Page If you have what it takes you can apply to share your story on air. CLICK HERE            
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