40 minutes | Jun 7th 2016

SLS056: Talking Student Loans with His and Her Money Show

Our next new show will be released on July 12, 2016. To keep things moving, I’ll be highlighting some of the interviews I’ve done on other podcasts. It’s a way of introducing you to different shows from other interesting and smart folks – I hope you enjoy the change of pace. For today, I present to you The His & Her Money Show with Talaat and Tai McNeeley. They’re a husband-and-wife team who reflect so many of the people I meet every day. When they got married: One had debt and the other did not. One made poor money decisions while the other made better money decisions. One had a low credit score and the other had a stellar credit score. They asked one another some difficult questions and climbed their way out of debt not once, but TWICE . . . TOGETHER. It was not always pretty and glamorous, but they turned it around by being honest and working really hard. Talaat and Tai are some of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time, and I was thrilled when they asked me to be on their show to talk about ways to tackle your student loans. What We Talked About The current state of the student loan crisis in America. The role that organization plays in order to pay off your student loans. Strategies to pay off your student loans effectively and quickly. Pros and cons of refinancing your student loans. Whether or not student loan consolidation is worth your while. Resources Mentioned During the Show StudentLoans.Gov Sofi Common Bond Earnest .fusion-widget-area-5 .widget h4 {color:#2775b4;}.fusion-widget-area-5 .widget .heading h4 {color:#2775b4;}.fusion-widget-area-5 .widget h4 {font-size:38px;}.fusion-widget-area-5 .widget .heading h4 {font-size:38px;} 6 Days to Student Loan Success One Tactic Per Day, Delivered By Email Enter Your Email Address To Get It FREE The post SLS056: Talking Student Loans with His and Her Money Show appeared first on Student Loan Podcast.
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