23 minutes | Oct 4th 2016

Adam Minsky and Jay Fleischman - A Live Student Loan Q&A

Jay Fleischman is joined by Adam Minsky, a fellow student loan lawyer based in Boston. During this episode, recorded live at FinCon16 in San Diego, we talk about: Why only 40% of federal student loan borrowers are in an active repayment plan; The reason why most people student loan borrowers rely on forbearance rather than repayment through one of the income-dependent repayment plans; Understanding what kind of student loans you have; The role of the servicer – and who else may be controlling your federal student loan; Why servicers make so many errors; The heartbreaking conversation we have with people trying for Public Service Loan Forgiveness; and Why you should submit an Employment Certification Form – and the best time to do it. Resources Law Office of Adam Minsky Student loan servicing: Analysis of public input and recommendations for reform (CFPB Report – September 2015) Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF): Employment Certification Form .fusion-widget-area-4 .widget h4 {color:#2775b4;}.fusion-widget-area-4 .widget .heading h4 {color:#2775b4;}.fusion-widget-area-4 .widget h4 {font-size:38px;}.fusion-widget-area-4 .widget .heading h4 {font-size:38px;} The post Adam Minsky and Jay Fleischman Live at FinCon16 appeared first on Student Loan Podcast.
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