57 minutes | Jan 10, 2021

Episode 25: A Theory of Software Engineering

In fact, while this is about a theory of software engineering, that doesn’t enter until the end of the show. Most of it is an attempt to incorrectly summarise the history of software engineering through analogy to the history of punk music. The 1968/69 NATO Software Engineering Reports. If anyone tells you that something was “already known” by software engineers at the 1968 Garmisch conference, and they will, ask for a page number and refer to the report here. The Project Managers’ Declaration of Interdependence. My argument is that the second wave of agile began with this document. More Effective Agile. One of the primary resources for second-wave agile. CMMI Institute. Would you like to think about process independent of practice… PSP and TSP. …or practice independent of process? SEMAT. A systems/cybernetics approach to software engineering.
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