57 minutes | Jan 1st 2019

Episode 7-- Stephanie Crededio, Socially Steph -- Building Your Personal Belief & Social Media Brand

Do you believe you're meant to do something more or maybe you're just meant to do something else?

Stephanie Crededio had spent years building her resume at agencies and big brands in downtown Chicago but one day--she had enough. She knew there was more. She quit her corporate job and Socially Steph was created to deliver real time marketing efforts & quality content management services.

In this episode, Stephanie and I discuss everything social media, entrepreneurship, and the power of belief.

If you're ready to take the big leap or just want to elevate your social media brand, this episode is for you!

Connect with Stephanie @SociallySteph on all social media platforms and by visiting her website www.SociallySteph.com

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