49 minutes | Oct 5, 2018

Pavel Macek

Summary: In this episode of the StrongFirst Podcast, your host Craig Marker talks with Pavel Macek, Senior StrongFirst instructor, StrongFirst Accredited Gym Owner, trainer of high-level MMA fighters, and a historian of strength culture. Show Notes: 01:28 – Pavel discusses his background in strength, martial arts, and self-defense. 03:13 – Pavel discusses the hack-squat? 10:20 – Pavel discusses essential equipment for gyms and how old-time strongmen trained. 11:56 – Pavel discusses the usefulness of dumbbells.    17:20 – Pavel discusses his new StrongFirst Resilient course. 21:25 – Pavel discusses the essentials of training. 25:00 – Pavel talks about meditation practice and training. 31:07 – Pavel discusses cold exposure and fasting. 37:35 – Pavel discusses the challenge of consistency in training. Resources Mentioned Simple and Sinister Naked Warrior Beyond BodyBuilding SimplexStrong.com Pavel Macek’s StrongFirst Accredited Gym in Czechia
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