45 minutes | Feb 20, 2019

Jon Engum

Summary: Jon Engum, StrongFirst Master Instructor, joins your host, Craig Marker, to talk about martial arts, flexible steel drills, his new book Trembling Shock, and the Dome of Strength in Chicago. Jon and Craig will also discuss training people in different cultures.   Show Notes: 01:45 - Discussion of cold exposure in Minnesota. 02:52 - Discussion of Jon’s background in martial arts and flexibility and his martial arts credentials. 06:05 - How Jon has integrated kettlebells into martial artists. 10:36 - How kettlebell changes explosiveness. 13:15 - The premise of Jon’s book Trembling Shock which includes the whole first year of training. 16:14 - A breakdown of the Flexible Steel program - you want to be flexible and strong at the same time. 18:54 - Why someone might want to do Flexible Steel if they’re not a martial artist. 26:10 - Why Jon believes that happiness is lifting things overhead. 29:30 -The Dome of Strength event. 34:46 - The cross-cultural teaching differences Jon has encountered. 42:00 - Why students should go to different events than their teachers. 3 Key Points: With kettlebell, you get all the benefits of plyometric training without any impact on your joints. The combination of stiffness and relaxation carries over to any sport you could do. Find your weakness and vow to make that your strength.
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