38 minutes | Oct 24, 2018

Dr. Kelly Starrett

Summary Dr. Kelly Starrett talks about strength and conditioning and moving well with your host Craig Marker. Dr. Starrett is a coach, physical therapist, author, speaker, and blogger, as well as the owner of San Francisco Crossfit and MobilityWOD.com. Show Notes 01:15 – Dr. Dr. Starrett talks about his early work and his relationship with Pavel and StrongFirst. 02:50 – Dr. Starrett talks about the 70-mile bike ride he has coming up and how he challenges himself. 09:15 – What Dr. Starrett is doing for his minimum dose and GPP. 13:36 – Dr. Starrett’s thoughts on the bent press. 21:40 – Dr. Starrett discusses his thoughts on feet being straight forward in squats. 28:55 – Dr. Starrett talks about the need to maintain a good position. 30:30 – Discussion of what Dr. Starrett is working on right now. 33:09 – Dr. Starrett talks about his work with Gray Cook. 35:39 – Dr. Starrett says everyone should work to keep it simple. 3 Key Points: The most important thing is maintaining strength, and elasticity. All good training models have to be explanatory, predictable, and repeatable. You need to train in a position that transfers into other shapes.
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