44 minutes | Aug 21, 2018

Derek Toshner

Summary: In this episode of the StrongFirst Podcast, your host Craig Marker talks with Derek Toshner about endurance and winning the tactical strength challenge. Derek is best known for dominating the TSC. Show Notes: 00:55 Derek’s credentials as an elite competitor. 01:31 Derek and his brother successfully run four branches of TNT Fitness in WI. 02:17 Derek talks about what he’s training for now including rock climbing 03:10 Challenges of climbing. Helps with fear of heights. Work on flexibility. Nutrition and weight management is important. 05:06 Derek talks about his time as a wrestler. 08:00 How he managed the transition from wrestling to 400-meter hurdles. Wrestling is a tough sport mentally and hurdles are much the same. 10:45 Building endurance. Lots of running below the lactate threshold to build a base. Then work on speed with long rests. 16:35 How Derek trains for strength and conditioning at the same time? 21:55 Secret deadlifting training to prepare for the TSC. 25:10 How Derek stays healthy plans for longevity in the future? 27:00 Derek talks about how his brother ran a marathon without any running. 28:14 Derek talks about diet and nutrition? 34:16 General philosophy on training new people. 41:17 Closing thoughts
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