43 minutes | Sep 17, 2018

Chris Chapman

Summary: In this episode of the StrongFirst Podcast, your host Craig Marker talks with Chris Chapman, Director of Sports Science at Push. Chris discusses strategies to optimize power in your kettlebell swing. Show Notes: 00:49 About Chris Chapman 01:23 Chris talks about his background in tracking motion. 04:52 Chris talks about quantifying movement. 11:45 Chris explains displacement and distance, acceleration. 14:00 Chris talks about deadlifts and Olympic lifts. 16:10 Chris discussing how to find max power. A good place to start would be 50% of your one arm swing. 20:00 Chris discusses velocity-based training. 26:58 Kettlebell exercises generalizing to other athletes. 28:00 Talk about the push band as a way to measure force and power. 38:45 Final thoughts.
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