42 minutes | Mar 14, 2019

Brett Jones

Summary: Brett Jones, Director of Education for StrongFirst, joins the show a second time to talk about his use of Indian clubs, nail bending, and powerlifting. Brett talks to your host Craig Marker about his current training to achieve the Sinister goal. Show Notes: 01:35 - Brett talks about his background in athletic training and his mentors in that space. 06:50 - How the Brettzel, the Brettzel 2.0, and the Brettzel 3.0 exercises came to be and what they are. 08:10 - Brett’s work in FMS and Indian clubs. 11:00 - The differences between training with heavier and lighter clubs. 13:21 - Brett’s history with grip work, nail bending training, and strength work. 18:00 - About pinch grips and deadlifts. 19:15 - Why specialty training and grip training is important, but kettlebells can take you a good bit of the way. 20:25 - Loaded carries. 24:32 - The importance of foot position in squats. 27:25 - Brett’s current training goals. 28:56 - How Brett is approaching the sinister standard and the biggest change he’s made in training. 30:50 - Brett’s thoughts on structure and switching things up. 32:00 - The problem with the “get up and grind” mentality. 34:09 - What’s on Brett’s current reading list. 35:20 - How Brett thinks of the wedge when he’s teaching it to people. 37:55 - How a strength professional builds more tension to increase the wedge. 3 Key Points: Kettlebell can take you a long way, but specialty training is still important. Foot position is important, and hip position anomalies are extremely common. Always err on the side of more rest rather than less.
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