54 minutes | Jul 6, 2018

Brett Jones

Episode #02: Brett Jones Interview with Brett Jones the Director of Education at StrongFirst Summary: Within this 2nd episode of “StrongFirst,” the official podcast of the StrongFirst school of strength. Hosts Craig Marker and Scott Iardella interview Brett Jones, the Chief SFG instructor and Director of Education at StrongFirst. Brett has been teaching kettlebells for over 15 years. Brett discusses the principles of strength, and how it applies to the kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight exercises. Show Notes: 01:51 – Brett Jones’ job at Strong First is chief SFG instructor and director of education. 02:52 – Bodyweight courses are about how you manipulate your bodyweight and your leverages. 06:17 – “Power to the People” book by Pavel Tsatsouline became key reading to Brett. 08:04 – Move well enough to adapt to the stresses your body will be placed under when training. 11:09 – The kettlebell is good for moves like get-ups, presses, swings, and snatches. 22:28 – Brett’s training with 10 sets of one kettlebell swings. 27:50 – The tools and skills are scaled and customized to the individual. 32:59 – Nothing replaces having a personal trainer. 34:25 – Proper programming should have you recovering from your training. 40:17 – Plan Strong is a graduate-level course in programming—as intensive goes up volume goes down. 44:50 –Brett is reading the “The Spinning Magnet” book. 49:10 – There is a plethora of videos, forum community support, articles, instructors, and courses available on the Strong First website. Tweetable Quotes: -    “Bodyweight courses are really about how you manipulate your bodyweight and your leverages in order to train more of a max strength.” – Brett Jones.  -    “Move well, move often.” – Brett Jones.  Resources Mentioned: StrongFirst – Website for Strong First
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