58 minutes | Aug 7, 2018

Brad Kearns

Episode - 06 Summary: Introducing the StrongFirst Podcast, in this first episode Craig Marker and Brad Kearns discuss the difference between Strong Endurance and Primal Endurance. Brad is the author of Primal Endurance and The Keto Reset. Show Notes: 03:00 - Craig talks about Pavel, his books, and a high-level overview of his programs. 04:25 - How the Soviets trained people for endurance with anti-glycolytic training. 06:35 - How Strong Endurance works with repeat training and recovery. 08:42 - Craig explains phosphates and their importance in endurance training. 09:40 - Brad talks about polarized training and its application to peak performance. 12:00 - Craig explains what anti-glycolytic really is. 13:20 - For an athlete with extremely long duration goals, how do extremely high intensity workouts play into those goals? 17:15 - The importance of practicing perfect is import to efficiency. 24:10 - Craig and Brad talk about the psychological aspect of training sessions. 28:18 - Brad talks about body composition and fat storage. 31:32 - Craig talks about the Strong Endurance movement. 34:58 - Brad discusses how diet affects training. 38:35 - Do you think that healthy things will correlate to peak performance, or do you at some point have to sacrifice your health? 44:00 - Brad talks about what he thinks is important for diet and how it goes along with exercise protocols. We need to escape from carbohydrate dependency. If you’re eating a ton of carbohydrates it begets eating more carbohydrates because of the insulin response. 46:10 - The first step to improve your health is to take a few weeks to tone down your workouts and refine your diet. This benefits both endurance and power athletes. 48:25 - What do you recommend to beginners? Keto is getting misinterpreted right now. You need to take the proper steps to become fat adapted. 53:00 - What does being in ketosis look like from a performance standpoint? 56:32 - What can people do to shorten their intervals in their next workout? Don’t shorten your rest period and work harder in your 10 seconds of work.
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