46 minutes | Nov 9, 2018

Al Ciampa

StrongFirst Podcast Episode #14 Summary Al Ciampa, U.S. Army Veteran and Trainer for U.S. Airforce, talks about anti-glycolytic training and conditioning for the military with your host Craig Marker. Show Notes 01:36 – Al talks about his history and background. 07:10 – Al discusses why bodybuilding is not possible for some people. 09:00 – Al talks about his time in the military. 12:10 – What is Al doing right now? 13:20 – Protocols to get into the special forces. 18:43 – Al talks about Maffetone monitor and heart rate. 27:05 – Al discusses glycolysis. 34:38 – Al talks about psychology and training. 39:19 – Al describes the Zercher Squat and the benefits. 44:07 – Closing advice. Resources Mentioned Simple and Sinister Naked Warrior Beyond BodyBuilding
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