108 minutes | Mar 23rd 2021

260 - Coach Bill Gillespie | 40 Years of Coaching Experience: Sets, Reps, Exercises & Strength Coach Career Talk!

STRONG Life Podcast ep. 260 with Master Strength Coach Bill Gillespie  Bill brings 40 Years of Coaching Experience and MANY world records in the bench press and has benched over 800 lbs in competition. Bill's Bio is HERE Contact Bill: Bill@sorinex.com In this episode we discuss and exchange stories of training that go back to the 70s, we discuss Sets, Reps, Exercises & to cap it all off, some heartfelt Strength Coach Career Talk! Prepare to be inspired. Resources Mentioned in this episode: https://Sorinex.com http://ZachStrength.com FREE Newsletter http://UndergroundStrengthCert.com  
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