88 minutes | Jan 15th 2021

254: Alan Thrall on Strength Training, Gym Business & Growth Mindset

STRONG Life Podcast 254 was straight FIRE!! Alan Thrall brought the thunder on this episode as expected as we talk about starting bis business, how he learned to train, growing his business even during covid and his plans for the future to keep growing and evolving. The STRONG Life Podcast is Brought to you by my friends at https://Sorinex.com. The Underground Strength Gym locations are outfitted by Sorinex. For More info on Alan, his gym and to connect with him: http://www.trainuntamed.com/ It was Very inspiring to speak to such a successful, hard working and humble man. Alan's gym is expanding now, even during covid. Please Enjoy the show :) Resources: http://ZachStrength.com - FREE Training Courses http://UndergroundStrengthCert.com - Get Certified https://zacheven-esh.com/store/
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