69 minutes | Sep 17th 2020

118 - Split Second (with Matt Glasby)

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With the usual alarming regularity, we find ourselves here, facing down the barrel of EPISODE 118 and it's a film that certain listeners have been chasing us to do for quite a long time... 

This week, we are absolutely delighted to be joined by a writer for Total Film, GQ, Radio Times and also the writer of the, frankly excellent, THE BOOK OF HORROR (releasing September 22nd)...

It's Matt Glasby!

The film? SPLIT SECOND! 

We love a dystopian sci-fi actioner, here. Throw in police procedural and you've got fucking catnip. This is a nineties classic which stars the late, great Rutger Hauer, Kim Cattrall, Alum Armstrong and the similarly late Pete Postlethwaite and Ian Dury! You MUST seek this one out. 

The synopsis is as follows: 

The year is 2008, and heavy rainfall has flooded large areas of London. Rookie police officer Dick Durkin (Alastair Duncan) is assigned to partner maverick Harley Stone (Rutger Hauer), a burnt-out and highly cynical homicide detective who was unable to prevent the murder of his partner by a serial killer three years earlier.

Following a spate of murders, it appears that the killer has returned, and Stone and Durkin are assigned to the case. After investigating the scenes of several slayings, they appear no closer to identifying the killer, but a mysterious connection to Stone keeps the trail warm.

As each gruesome murder draws the detectives closer to the killer, the killer gets closer to them, until they must finally confront the true evil that lurks below the streets of London.

Please note that this podcast may contain strong language and even stronger Scottish accents. 

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