46 minutes | Nov 16th 2020

SS 295 - How to Keep Your Muscle When Running More

In this week’s episode Grant and Heavey answer a question from listener Joe: How to keep your muscle when increasing running.   Heavy shares his tips on strength training to maintain muscle mass as well as nutrition strategies to keep that hard-earned muscle.   Grant also shares his new infatuation with gaba rice (germinated brown rice) and the boys discuss their favorite Thanksgiving dishes… and Grant’s disgust of casseroles. If you like Heavey's take on health and fitness be sure to subscribe to his weekly emails where he shares his favorite tips and tricks. And if you enjoy nerding out on health and fitness with Coach Heavey, be sure to check out his main project, Evidence Based Athlete.   2:50 www.strengthandscotch.com/plus 3:15 Three whiskeys on the table 6:20 Hiding whiskey 6:37 Question from listener Joe: running without losing muscle 9:07 Running and muscle gains 10:05 How many days a week in the gym to maintain gains? 11:45 Prioritizing compound movements 13:15 Five categories of movements 15:53 Recommended rep schemes 19:00 Adding unilateral training 19:44 Nutrition for muscle sparing 21:47 Grant Guzzles 24:02 Gaba Rice (germinated brown rice) 30:31 Benefits of gaba 35:09 Preparation of foods affecting absorption 36:18 Shoot the Sh*t 39:50 Have to have stuffing 40:42 Worst mistake of my life
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