17 minutes | Dec 1, 2020

#315 Sarah Sings a Blissful Song

In Hebrew, שירה means singing. It can also be used to mean poetry. It depends on the context. On this episode, Guy reviews the words that stem from the root ש/י/ר and several well-known phrases that make use of them.

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New Words and Expressions:

Nurit – Buttercup – נורית

Agav – Speaking of, apropos – אגב

Shira – Singing, Poetry – שירה

Shira be-tsibur – Singalong – שירה בציבור

Ha-cohenet ha-gdola – The high priestess – הכוהנת הגדולה

Meshorer, meshoreret – Poet – משורר, משוררת

Le-ma Hitkaven Ha-meshorer? – What did the poet mean? – ?למה התכוון המשורר

Festival Ha-Zemer Ve-ha-pizmon Ha-israeli – The Israel song festival – פסטיבל הזמר והפזמון הישראלי

Zemer – A song – זמר

Pizmon – The chorus section of a song – פזמון

“Ve-ha-zamar yezamer” – And the singer will sing – והזמר יזמר

Zamar, zameret – Singer – זמר, זמרת

Hu yezamer ba-chakira – He’s going to sing like a bird in the interrogation – הוא יזמר בחקירה

Machazemer (pl. machazot zemer) – A musical (machaze+zemer) – מחזמר

Mizmor – Hymn, chant – מזמור

Zamrir – Jingle – זמריר


Playlist and Clips:

Nurit Galron – Ma Yihye Be-sofenu (lyrics)

Sarale Sharon – Shira be-tsibur

Eliyahu Ha-cohen’s post

Einat Saruf – Shira be-tsibur

Leah Goldberg – Mechora Sheli

Le-ma Hitkaven Ha-meshorer

Festival Ha-Zemer Ve-ha-pizmon Ha-israeli

The Israel Song Festival (Wikipedia)

The Revivo Project – Od Yom Yavo (lyrics)

Hanny Nahmias – Dvarim She-oti Mesamchim (lyrics)  

Shlishiyat Af-Ozen-Garon – Sarah shara shir same’ach (lyrics)

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