61 minutes | Jul 16, 2021

HNL Street Collective – On the Streets of Honolulu

When you think of Hawaii, you probably think of an island paradise filled with palm trees, sunshine and surfers. It’s certainly not the most urban backdrop for street photography, but that doesn’t stop HNL Street Collective from creating some glorious street shots. Their photos may look a little different from someone shooting NYC, but these guys know that at the core of street photography is the human element. So they go where the people are in Honolulu: Chinatown, strip malls, and mostly, the beach. Get ready to meet four of the Collective’s members and find out what it’s like doing street photography on Oahu’s south shore in Hawaii. A Selection of Photos by Members of HNL Street Collective Philippe GrossPhilippe GrossIan HuntIan HuntJames KnudsenJames KnudsenJames Knudsen Interview Links HNL Street Collective WebsiteHNL Street Collective InstagramPacific New MediaPhilippe Gross’ WebsiteIan Hunt’s WebsiteJames Knudsen’s WebsiteJames Knudsen on Pacific New MediaJames Knudsen on Instagram
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