120 minutes | Jan 18, 2021

Street Corner Soapbox Episode 45 Geri Vistein

On this episode we spoke with renown Conservation Biologist & Author Geri Vistein about the historically elusive carnivore, the Coyote ! Geri operates the Coyote Center in Maine & has dedicated much of her career to studying this mysterious animal & bringing awareness to its special relationship with nature & humans alike. She dispels the many misconceptions around the Coyote & gives us the true facts about the so called Wolf hybrid known as the“Coywolf”. Geri also has a great knowledge of wolves & talks at length about their genocide at the hands of early American settlers & how they survive in present day. Follow The Coyote Center on IG @coyote_center For further information on Coyote awareness & to purchase Geri’s book “I Am Coyote” visit www.coyotelivesinmaine.org   Listen to all of our episodes @ www.linktr.ee/streetcornersoapbox   Join our Patreon to recieve bonus episodes & exclusive content @ patreon.com/streetcorner_soapbox2020 To help support the show donate to our Paypal @ paypal.me/streetcornersoapbox   
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