46 minutes | Dec 24, 2019

The Most Show on TV: Marriage Story, The Irishman, The Mandalorian (again)

This month’s episode kicks off with a discussion of Netflix dominating the Golden Globe nominations. Netflix films seem to be generating a lot of buzz this year. An update on the Disney+ vs. Netflix battle (it doesn’t look like Netflix users are fleeing for Disney+) spirals into more talk about The Mandalorian. Jackson and Thomas ultimately decide the awards probably mean more to Netflix right now than they do to Disney. This episode’s content discussion is Marriage Story. Thomas liked the movie but feels conflicted about Noah Baumbach, Jackson has no director related baggage and liked it a lot. Thomas has watched The Irishman a lot and has plenty of thoughts. He ends up musing about why people have a hard time watching a 3 hour movie when they don’t have a problem watching a season of Stranger Things in a day. Jackson has a theory about why. To wrap things up Jackson recommends The Expanse (Amazon Video), and Thomas recommends Magic for Humans (Netflix).
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