56 minutes | May 28, 2020

Oh Quibi You Failing Rascal - Also The Sopranos

This Just In: After the obligatory Coronavirus/TV small-talk, the guys talk yet again about Netflix, who had a great first quarter this year (6:32) They muse about how the addition of the Top 10 list might be helping them create more cultural buzz.(15:26) Quibi is failing horribly and blaming Coronavirus. Trending Now: (24:22) The Sopranos. Two millennial talk about it. It’s a show that started airing over 20 years ago, but recently a lot of people seem to be visiting or revisiting The Sopranos with their extra watch time. So the guys figure why not throw their hats in the ring. In the Queue: (47:50)Thomas: The Great (Hulu Original)Jackson: Avatar Last Airbender (Now on Netflix)Links:Metacritic’s Big List of Coronavirus DelaysNetflix has a great First Quarter Quibi Fails, Blames COVID-19We Have To Talk About Quibi YouTube Video
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