44 minutes | Feb 20, 2020

Netflix Good, Neilson Bad: The Circle, Netflix Has the Most Streaming Watchtime

This month the guys are shilling hard for Netflix, the discussion kicks off focusing on Netflix’s performance at The Oscars, and how they’re booming despite the launch of Disney+. Thomas gets to tell-all about his time as a Nielsen household, he’s been waiting for this moment. His rant is really just a long-winded explanation of Nielsen ratings and why they’re… flawed, as an intro to talking about the new Nielsen report on streaming watch time. …also Redbox has free live TV now?This month’s content discussion is about Netflix’s new reality show The Circle. Thomas got more into it than Jackson did, but both agree the contestants were very excited. Recommendations:Thomas: American FactoryJackson: OzarkLinks: Netflix sees subscriber bump despite Disney+ launchNielsen Streaming ReportNetflix Dominates watch time (on TVs at least)Redbox Free Live TVJackson’s Better Call Saul VideoThomas’ Marriage Story Video
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