56 minutes | Mar 28, 2020

Devs and Better Call Saul Good, Coronavirus Bad

Jackson and Thomas are self-quarantined, after a short discussion about how crazy things are, they jump right into the news for the month. Thomas wants to apologize for his cough. The big story is just that basically everything is being delayed. There will still be plenty of content for consumers, but Jackson and Thomas have concerns about the economic impact on below-the-line production crew. Theatrical content is being pushed onto streaming platforms, both Thomas and Jackson wonder if this trend will continue. Moving on from the global pandemic, the guys discuss this interview on The Watch with AMC president Sarah Barnett. It’s a great interview that you should definitely check out, Thomas wonders if AMC will be able to maintain their approach to TV as things move more and more online. The main content discussion this week is about the new FX on HULU series DEVS, and AMC’s Better Call Saul. They keep it spoiler free. Recommendations: Jackson: Better Things on FX/HULUThomas: Chernobyl on HBOLinks:Coronavirus delays lot of TV productionInterview with Alex GarlandJackson’s Better Call Saul Video for The RingerThomas’s video on DEVS
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