52 minutes | Jan 16, 2020

Apple iTV+ Max Pro: Netflix at the Oscars, Streaming Bonus Content, Servant, HBO gets "Swipey"

This month’s discussion starts with some Oscar talk, Netflix has more nominations than any other studio, but Thomas has a lot of Oscar opinions in general. The conversation shifts to the way Streaming Services are introducing bonus content, like Netflix’s timeline/map website for The Witcher, this (of course) leads into another discussion about weekly vs binge release of shows. HBO Max announces that it will have an new interface that will be… “swipey.” The final news item is about Apple TV+ (Max? Pro? iTV?) officially confirms they’ve hired former HBO CEO. In other words: “The Gang Gets Serious about TV.”The content discussion for this month is Servant on Apple TV+. The guys seem to like this one. Links:Netflix has more Oscar Nominations than any studioThe Witcher Bonus Timeline & MapHBO Max will have a new “Swipey” interfaceApple Hires Former HBO CEOMonthly Recommendation:Thomas - High MaintenanceJackson - Mr. Robot
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