36 minutes | Aug 20, 2021

Law Enforcement Engagement

This series focuses on topics that can help schools and communities successfully design and implement school responder models. This episode titled “Law Enforcement Engagement” is a part of our School Responder Model Podcast Series. Today, we’ll be discussing positive relationships between school and law enforcement officials. We are joined by Dr. Jeff-Vanderploeg and Jeana Bracey from the Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut, as well as Angela Powell-Medlock and Uteeya Whitaker from a high school in Michigan, implementing the School Responder Model. The series was produced by the National Center for Youth Opportunity and Justice with support from the National Institute of Justice. Access the episode transcript at the following link: https://srm.policyresearchinc.org/img/resources/NIJ_SRM_CHDI_LawEnforcement-841038.pdf
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