21 minutes | Dec 8, 2016

Episode 42: Scholarship opportunity featuring college retention rates

Retention rate is an important number for colleges, and applicants for the scholarship hosted by Transtutors must write an 800-word essay on their perspective on why students drop out, and what can be done to prevent it. Retention rates are based on the number of students who return the the university after the first year or first semester. This scholarship can be tackled using a variety of strategies including highlighting several different reasons students drop out, conducting an in-depth analysis on one reason or looking at common universities or school-types that have lower retention rates. Take Action: 1.) Improve research skills by finding quality peer-reviewed sources. 2.) If you are in high school, create a college plan to reduce the statistical probability of dropping out. The deadline for this scholarship is Feb. 15 and the award is $1,000.
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