73 minutes | Jul 20, 2015


In Podcast #4 Eliah and Will find out what its like to descend into the murky bliss of drinking an entire bottle of Boyd and Blair vodka.  We deliberately chose spirit forward cocktails that would showcase the versatility and harmony of this incredible spirit.  This beautiful and refined potato based vodka draws out the raw and distinct nature of  crafting cocktails, as well as the open and free flow of discussion.  It brings front and center the deliciousness of what a cocktail can be, as well as the origins of these libations, which are revealed in this podcast.  So in other words; stories ensue!  Discussions of hateful hipsters and the perils of driving in Los Angeles, the failure of the Mayweather VS Pacquiao showdown, the magic of gomme simple syrup, Beyoncé, the new Star Wars, Mad Max, Ex Machina, And the trouble with finishing off the entire bottle of Boyd & Blair.  For real, or fake. CLASSIC BOYD AND BLAIR VOKDA MARTINI2 Boyde and Blair1oz Dry VermouthStir pour up in coupGarnish lemon twist VODKA NEGRONI AKA NEGROSKI1oz Aperol1oz Grand Poppy2oz Boyd and BlairStir pour in coup or double old fashioned with a rockGarnish orange peel BOYD AND BLAIR OLD FASHIONEDBuild in a double old fashioned¼ gomme simple syruplemon and orange twist2 dashes angostura bitters2 oz B&BStir to chill and enjoy MOSCOW MULE¾ fresh lime juice½ ginger syrup2oz Boyd and BliarWhip. Add ice and shake.Add 2 oz ginger beer and strain into Collins glassGarnish lime wheel and or ginger candy  REVERSE VESPER1oz barrel aged reserve gin (Beehive)2oz Boyd and Blair vodka½ Lillet BlancStir and strain into coupGarnish lemon twist THAI MONKEY1 key lime into 8 pieces (put in tin)½oz meyer lemon½ simple syrup¾ thai coconut milk½ green chartreuse2oz Boyd and BlairWhipAdd ice and shakeDouble strain into double old fashioned Collins glass or coupGarnish kiwi slice and or edible flowers
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