68 minutes | Apr 22, 2015

STRAIGHT UP Episode #2 Jack Rabbit Gin - BDR

Eliah and Will explore the far reaching horizons of the delicious Jack Rabbit Gin, and along the way discuss the Uber empire, the new Iggy Azalea music video, and the opportunistic perils of working in a bar.  JACK RABBIT GIN MARINI1 oz Dry Vermouth2.5 Jack Rabbit Gin2 Dash Drange BittersTHE CASINO¾ Lemon¾ Maraschino Liqueur2 dash orange bitters2oz Jack Rabbit Gin VERPER MARTINI2 Jack Rabbit Gin1 Vodka (Boyd & Blair) ½ Lillet Lemon Twist RAMOS GIN FIZZ3/8 Lemon3/8 Lime1 oz Heaving whipping cream 1 Egg white2 drops/dashes Orange Flower water (or Orange bitters)2 oz Jack Rabbit GinBEES KNEES¾ Lemon¾ Honey2 GinLemon twist CORPSE REVIVER #2 ¾ Lemon¾ Orange Liqueur (orange Curacao)¾ Lillet Blanc (Cochi Americano)¾ Jack Rabbit Gin Absinthe Rinse BED FELLOWS1 oz Jack Rabbit Gin1 oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon½ Maraschino ½ Aperol2-3 Dashes Angostura
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