43 minutes | Oct 8th 2020

Episode 29: Revitalizing Pullman with Chicago Neighborhood Initiative (CNI)

Ciere Boatright is the VP of Real Estate and Inclusion at CNI and has managed the planning and development of over $350 Million in new investment in southside neighborhoods. Today, Ciere walks us through several of those projects, with a focus on CNI’s successful revitalization of Pullman. 

Ciere explains CNI’s approach towards creating jobs and affordable housing in specific communities, and why investors should care. Some topics covered are how subsidies offered for affordable home ownership affect the community, how investors can have access to benefits of the social programs stimulating the neighborhoods as well as future projects planned for the area. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a 5 star review and share us with a friend.

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Guest: Ciere Boatright of Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives

Link: National Park Service, Pullman Monument | Pullman National Monument (US National Park Service)   Link: History | A Brief Overview of the Pullman Story - Pullman   Link: Benefits of Enterprise Zones | Enterprise Zone Program   Link: Chicago Opportunity Zones | Opportunity Zones   Link: Invest Southwest | Invest Southwest | Venture Madness – Presented by Invest Southwest In Partnership with The Arizona Commerce Authority   Link: Red Line Extension | CTA Red Line Extension Project - CTA   Link: Pullman Food Hall | One Eleven Food Hall – Creating A Diverse Dining Collective In Pullman   Link: Book Recommendation | The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration   Link: Carlos Nelson | GAGDC Staff Leadership   Link: Leon Walker | Our People   Link: Abraham Lacy |  https://www.farsouthcdc.org/about-us  


Guest Questions

Landlording Tip of the Week 2:43

Guest Intro 4:49

What has been the catalyst for revitalization over the past 10 years? 7:25

Can you talk about how CNI has improved the housing stock in the area? 11:00

How have investors succeeded in Pullman? 16:04

How has the history of Pullman helped the growth of the neighborhood? 21:30

What are some of the things an investor should be looking at from an urban planning perspective? 23:20

Can you tell us about the red line extension project? 27:00

How has Pullman been different from other areas CNI invests in? 28:10

How have your financing partnerships helped get projects done? 30:30

Is there a way a new investor can get connected to CNI? 33:00


Wrap Up Questions

What is your competitive advantage? 34:05

What is one piece of advice you’d give to a new investor? 36:00

What do you do for fun in Pullman? 37:00

What is a good self development activity you’d recommend? 38:47

Who is one person you’d recommend to others as a quality resource? 39:40

How can we learn more about you? 41:25

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