29 minutes | Apr 28th 2015

SFHM-033 Ruth Buchannan- Artist Extraordinaire

Ruth Buchannan Artist Extraordinaire

My principal focus as an artist is structure, form and anatomy; musculature and movement and the way the fall of light transforms the ordinary, everyday and commonplace into the extraordinary. In this, it is the equine form that most motivates me.

I am driven to draw and paint by a sense of unease if I don’t. I am constantly looking at skies, landscapes, perspectives and light play when riding, walking or driving. For me, the best compliments given about my paintings are that people can hear the creak of leather, the thud of hooves; smell the soft, sweet scents of horse and earth, and, from the corner of their eye, catch a hint of movement about to happen. Listen to Ruth Buchannan artist extraordinaire.

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