41 minutes | Dec 26th 2019

Ep 20. Elizabeth Lail: Actor + Star On Netflix's You

Her. Not too long after we shot actress Elizabeth Lail for a fashion story and on location in very very cold new york city, we got cozy at our HQ to record this podcast. Eloquent + fully present...talented, beautiful, and smart Elizabeth embodies all the qualities of a big star. She’s an actors actor, and, well, just a wonderful person. She’s rapidly built a loyal fan base, due to the cult following of Netflix series, You, and her character on the series, Beck. And so we decided on this podcast to include some truly terrific questions from those very fans. We discuss her reverence for her craft, what to expect from You Season 2, her character, Leah, in beautiful indie film Unintended, and what it’s like to work on the set of a horror film. We talk her commitment to sustainability, her footwear of choice, her favorite books on acting, recommendations for what to catch on broadway, how she preps her skin before shooting, her idea of a perfect date night, and more. Listen in to hear the answers to all of your fan questions!
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