102 minutes | Mar 11, 2021

How to Get Better at Writing - Part 2: 9 Ways to Improve Your Writing

How to Get Better at Writing - Part 2: 9 Ways to Improve Your Writing Jay didn't get to be a part of Part 1, so in this episode, Caleb interviews Jay about his writing tips on how to get better at writing!   Do you love stories and storytelling--especially sci-fi, fantasy, and comic book movies? Join The Story Geeks Club! It's FREE! Join The Story Geeks Club here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thestorygeeks/ Want MORE from The Story Geeks? Become a VIP Member of The Story Geeks Club: https://www.patreon.com/thestorygeeks   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PURCHASE TIMESLINGERS! Jay and Nathan's time travel novel is available now! Or get our brand new novel, DEATH OF A BOUNTY HUNTER! It has made the quarterfinals of the Screencraft Cinematic Book Competition! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   LINKS: The Story Geeks Club - Keep up to date and join our deep discussions! The Story Geeks Club - VIP - Benefits and rewards for our supporters. TIMESLINGERS - Jay & Nathan's time travel novel. More Info at TheStoryGeeks.com - All the content.   SUBSCRIBE iTunes | Podbean | Stitcher | Spotify   SOCIAL Facebook Group | The Story Geeks YouTube Channel | Reclamation Society YouTube Channel Twitter | Instagram | Email: thestorygeeks@gmail.com | Jay: @JaySherer | Daryl: @darylhsmith | Sandra: @sand_rad | Justin: @justintheweaver | Nick: @ndukie
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