41 minutes | Sep 4, 2020

Episode 20: COVID-19 Research

COVID-19 has been a challenge for everyone – in our businesses and the ways they operate, and in our every day lives. It has also presented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for researchers looking to understand how consumers have been coping with the virus and adjusting the ways they live their lives as a result. In Episode 20 of Stories of Market Research, we’re examining some of the research Insightrix has been working on around COVID-19, and we describe the process and planning that went into it.  First, we speak with Research Director, Lang McGilp, to discuss the large research project we have been working on since late March – our COVID Barometer. This ongoing research project has been looking into the impressions and opinions of the residents of Saskatchewan residents as they pertain to COVID-19. We report the findings of this study every second week to our clients. Later in the episode, our CRO, Shonna Caldwell, rejoins the podcast to discuss an exciting COVID-19-related virtual ethnography study Insightrix has just recently wrapped up.  Insightrix Releases New Content Regularly Check out the articles on the Insightrix blog for informative articles about everything and anything market research related. You can also access Stories of Market Research on your favourite podcast player app, including Spotify, Apple Podcast and YouTube. Make sure you subscribe to be notified the moment a new episode is published!
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