44 minutes | Jan 15th 2021

Episode Three: How to Escape

** Warning, this episode contains a brief description of a sexual scene**When jail or a retirement home is your only option, sometimes you need to burn your past to the ground and start again. And sometimes you need to take a moment to reflect on everything you have, because freedom takes many forms. In this special episode of Stories Less Spoken, we teamed up with the folks at the Island Writer Magazine to feature the winning works from the 19th Annual Victoria Writers’ Society Writing Contest.These stories, and many others, were featured in the Island Writer, December 2020 Edition. Featuring: Various Functions of Fire, Sharon McInnes Performed by Sally CampbellBorders, Jude MortonPerformed by Afarin SaadatWild Strawberries, Ulrike Narwani Performed by Elizabeth Hall
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