61 minutes | Aug 27, 2021

The Diamond in the Window: 9. The Doll-Child; 10. Disaster at Walden; 11. Pearls from Coromandel, Diamonds from Brazil; and 12. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Welcome to Stories Come to Life. I am your host, Kathryn Lopez Luker. During this time of Covid, many people aren’t able to use the library in the same way as in the past. To help bring more stories to more readers, HarperCollins Children Books Company is allowing books that are normally unavailable for copyright reasons to be read out loud and shared with others until December 31, 2021. The stories that fall under that special permission will all be taken down on that date, so listen now, while they’re available! Today’s story is shared with permission of HarperCollins Children’s Books. 

In these chapters of The Diamond in the Window, Eleanor and Edward continue to have very revealing dreams about the early inhabitants of Concord, Massachusetts. They see a doll’s-eye view of the Alcott girls and eat delicious breadcrumbs thrown to their little mouse-selves by Henry David Thoreau himself! Poor old Uncle Freddy lands himself in a bit of hot water to the embarrassment of Eddy and Eleanor when he starts harassing tourists at Walden Pond. But are the children any nearer to finding the jewels to help Aunt Lily?

To find out, sit back, relax, and listen to this story come to life.

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