73 minutes | Nov 2, 2018

Victoria Hatton - Autism Consultancy International

I've been asked by so many listeners if I can interview a teacher who works with autistic children. Well this week I go one better and speak to Victoria Hatton, who's not only a teacher, but also has an autistic daughter too. Victoria shares so much valuable information, tips and ideas, looking at autism as both a teacher and a parent. We get to talk about what inspired her to become a teacher, and the strategies she's developed along the way. We learn about her daughter's diagnosis, and how her special interests really helped her to thrive. Victoria also shares strategies that might help other children, how to go about getting extra support in school or an EHCP, and also what to do if school isn't working. I loved our chat together, and sure you will too. To find out more about Victoria and the work she does go to https://starlightandstories.com/ or to find the groups she mentions and her book go to https://autismconsultancyinternational.com/
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