50 minutes | May 14, 2018

Purple Ella

In each episode I get to speak to a parent of a child with autism, an autistic adult, or somebody who works with the autism community, today I get to speak to somebody who ticks all 3 boxes! Ella, of the blog Purple Ella, someone who I met a couple of years ago, shortly after her own diagnosis. We talk about what difference it's made to her life, meltdowns, anxiety, and the strategies she's put in place to help cope. How important routine is for her and her family, and how her autism diagnosis has led to a brand new career. Some great insight that's really useful for family members and autistic individuals alike. You can find out more about Ella on her blog https://www.purpleella.com/ and all over social media by searching for Purple Ella For more about me, Tommy and Jude, head to http://www.storiesaboutautism.com/
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